Exotic waterfalls in Texas

A Texas is an excellent place for nature lovers, Texas is a large aspect of wilderness, sanctuary, and lush vegetation, complete with a species of wildlife and several beautiful waterfalls over 75 feet high. The waterfall is really beautiful. The rivers to improve the spectacular nature of the state, with the waterfalls attaching to the natural Beauty away from the villages and cities. If you are wanting time out in the fresh air then the best choice is  Texas waterfall. Because this place has the most amazing waterfalls that make a Texas was more beautiful. Also, the waterfalls provide fresh air to Texas, many Foreigners like this place to visit. This is the perfect photographic place. The water is nice, cool and refreshing and the hiking paths are excellent as well. In lots of cottages and campsites in the park. The Texas waterfalls make your trip was great, especially enjoyed the ducklings were very peaceful and quiet, and the wildflowers just impressive, The rivers of color covering the hillsides. Overall reserve a pleasant and refreshing break after hiking.

Hamilton Pool Waterfall


The Hamilton Pool Waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Texas. It is approximately 50feet height, and hike distance is 0.25 miles. Pedernales River, Travis County Park is the location of Hamilton pool waterfall. The stream moves over limestone rocks falling 50 feet into the shallow pool that shines green in the sunshine. In summer is the best season to visit here, mostly nearest Austin hikers and swimmers visit Hamilton Pool Waterfall in the summer season. This waterfall is not popular in its widest or highest falls in North America, but it was most famous in its vegetation, and swimming area makes more beauty to see. Guests can visit among 8:30 and 6 pm. Dogs are not allowed in this waterfalls.

Gorman Falls


A Gorman Falls is one of the best visiting waterfalls in Texas. It is approximately 65 feet in height and the distance of 3miles round trip. Colorado Bend State Park is the location of Gorman Falls. The falls were fully covered with plantations. So the falls were fulfilled the visitor’s satisfaction. Hiking to the peak presents astonishing views. The waterfall is perfect visiting place in all the season. Dogs are allowed in the falls. So you should visit this friendly waterfalls with your friends and families.

Westcave Preserve Falls


The visiting preserve falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Texas. The falls which drop within the pool are a challenge to photograph yet afford pleasant pictures for those that succeed. The total height of the waterfalls is 40 feet, Westcave Preserve Falls is the location of westcave preserve falls. There is also a way to a hollow and valley area.  the park is most attractive in the spring season. You must visit these beautiful photographic views and take some memorable photos of the Westcave Preserve Falls

Boykin Springs in Angelina National Forest

The Boykin springs are the smallest waterfalls in Texas. It is approximately 4 feet in height and hike distance is 6.5miles. Boykin Springs Recreation Area, Angelina National Forest is the location of Boykin springs. The river water speeds over the old Aldridge Saw Mill adds a refreshing character to the small cascade of water. The falls are covered with greenish forest and the forested areas present the hiking, fishing and picnic areas. The park has 200 miles of hiking trails, 85 miles for off-road vehicles, and also many bike and horse trails. This is a Dog-friendly trail. You must visit this beautiful photographic views and take some memorable photos of the smallest springs.

Windows Trail


The windows trail waterfall is located in Big Bend National Park. It is a wonderful place to spend some times. The hike distance is 5.2miles(out and back) with a height of 948 feet rise to the top of the waterfall. The trail has a lot of Birding opportunities, especially in the spring to autumn.this is the best tourist spot for swimmers. Summer is the best time to visit the waterfalls. because waterfalls to chill off in the summertime temperature and the relaxing waterfall makes for a complete backdrop. Must visit and enjoy this windows trail on once your lifetime.

Wichita Falls


Wichita Falls is located in Lucy Park. The waterfall is approximately 54 feet in height, and the hike distance is around 1mile.  The falls run in many shorter sections with a hiking trail and stairs to give off the wonderful scenery. The falls was man made. The falls were made with Huge rocks and bits of wood in half pipe style with cement help design the landscape and the beautiful falls are well-used as a union venue. Parking is available nearby the falls and plenty of facilities to fulfill the visitor’s needs. Kids have plenty of fun activities here. Wichita Falls is the best place to spend your occasion.

Pedernales Falls


The Pedernales Falls was located in the Pedernales Falls State Park. It is approximately 10mile longer and the hike distance is approximately 0.5miles.  The falls is most popular for fishing. Limestone rocks cover the waterfalls and give some shallow pools for fish to gather in. The parks provide swimming areas for diving visitors. The park is open in all the days and this the perfect place to visit in all the season. Visitors have lots of facilities in Pedernales Falls like restrooms nearby the park, parking facilities for long distance people, hotels and motel facilities available that is most useful for foodie.

Capote Falls


The Capote Falls is located in Marfa on Private Property. The waterfall is approximately 180 feet height and the of 0.25 to overlook, 1 mile to base. Visitors need permission to walk to the falls. The waterfall is entirely different comparing to other falls. you can take a helicopter flight over the falls that is the best way to see the entire beautiful (different view of the cascade) cascade.  

Cattail Falls


The cattail falls is one of the impressive waterfalls in Texas. The surrounding scene is covered with the plant. So you can visit a variety of wild species. The hike distance is around 3mile, the trail is little tougher to the the new visitors. the 3-mile hike starts in the wilderness and ends a lush oasis. Black bears are known to frequent the area.this is the best place for kids, they are like to see the colourful bird species here.

Krause Springs


Krause Springs is the best place for swimmers, The set of falls channels into a river that has a swimming hole and the swimming hole is section of a campground.  Krause Springs is located in Cypress Creek near Spice wood, Texas. The hike distance is around 3miles. If you are searching for your occasion to spend in best diving waterfalls then the Krause Springs is your best choice.

Dolan Falls


The Dolan falls is the most beautiful tourist spot in Texas. The falls is approximately 10 feet in height. Devils River State Natural Area is the location of this Dolan falls. Visitors need permission from the Devils River Nature Preserve to walk to the falls. The Dolan falls is a preserved land.

Madrid Falls


The Madrid Falls is located in Lajitas, Texas. The second biggest waterfalls in Texas is Madrid falls. The waterfall has approximately 100feet height, hike distance is around 3miles. The surrounding of natural views and fresh air will attract visitors and lots of facilities available to visitors.

Mexicano Falls


The Mexicano Falls is the third largest waterfalls in Texas. Big Bend Ranch State Park is the location of Mexicano Falls. the falls is approximately 80 feet in height, and the hike distance is around 1mile. Lots of fun activities are available to enjoy especially for kids fun activities are more interesting. The falls is most comfortable for friends and families. In accommodation and the hotel, facilities are available nearby the falls.

McKinney Falls State Park


McKinney Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Texas. The falls is located in McKinney Falls State Park. The hike distance is approximately 700 feet. The falls were fully covered with plantations. So the falls were fulfilled the visitor’s satisfaction. The waterfall is perfect visiting place in all the season. Best time to visit in McKinney Falls is the summer season.  If you are in Texas don’t miss to visit this beautiful waterfall with your friends and families.

Texas is one of the safe and best visiting spots. If you plan to relax your holiday in the best cooling place with your kids, then Kentucky is the best choice because a lot of waterfall in Kentucky and that is worth to visit.  Must visit all of these stunning waterfalls once in your lifetime.