List of Best 15 Waterfalls in Iceland

Iceland is a nation with no lack of cascades. We often as possible commented when riding around that a portion of the cascades that would be the best ten temptations in some other nation, would not get a main  100 list of cascades in Iceland. While landing in Iceland a journey here, it can be daunting to choose where to go, whatever to see, which best sights to hit and what falls to visit. A lot of them are easy to move while driving around Iceland in your rental vehicle, others need a climb to reach but well deserving of the exertion. In this blog, we discuss which ones to visit, There are  15 excellent waterfalls in Iceland, in no specific arrangement.

1. Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall :

Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall

Kirkjufell is the most famous mountain and a milestone in angling town. Kirkjufellsfoss cascade Iceland is a waterfall that channels the iceberg meltwater of the Snaefellsnes mountain. It’s anything but an extremely large cascade as it just stands around 5 meters high, but it has two or three dimensions and the water is diverted into three separate spouts which offer a lot of difficulties and opportunities for the picture taker. Kirkjufellsfoss is visible along Route 54 on the north side of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, about 2.5km west of the focal point of the town of Grundarfjordur. There is an approved vehicle park area just west of the pool where the falls are visible somewhat distantly, accessible trails which lead one-fourth of a kilometer to the bridge at the highest point of the falls.

2. Hraunfossar Waterfall :

Hraunfossar Waterfall

These Waterfalls come down from under the Hallmundarhraun rock field, so the name is exceptionally fitting. There is a ground at the vehicle left offering an amazing perspective over the Lava Falls, Barnafoss and Hvita River. The climber connects over the river was initially built in 1891 and renovated precisely a century later. A climbing trail leads from Hraunfossar to the adjacent Barnafoss. It is likewise called as children fall. A coffee shop at the cascades is open while the vacation periods.

3. Bruarfoss Waterfall :

Bruarfoss Waterfall

Bruarfoss Waterfall in Iceland by a long shot has the bluest water of the considerable number of cascades on the Golden Circle. It is a secret spot not very a long way from a considerable lot of the normal Golden Circle sights. This cascade may not be great in height but rather the shading will abandon you in amazement. Numerous individuals don’t invest energy here as it’s anything but a visit transport stop and it is somewhat of a trek. Like many other places, Bruarfoss is becoming popular by the day, resulting in a lot of traffic. So before the unmarked trail gets shut down, take some time and visit these majestic waterfalls.  In the West of Iceland, around an hour and twenty minutes East of Reykjavik. From 2km of north Laugarvatnsvegur, these waterfalls are located.

4.  Svartifoss Waterfall :

Svartifoss Waterfall

Svartifoss waterfall is dropping from the height of 20 meters tall, and formations beautifully of black columnar basalt give soul to the waterfall and bring that name to the waterfalls, Black Fall. From a long distance, the waterfall looks like a big heart. Romantic and elegant waterfalls. Skaftafell visitor center, which is located all year round, one can easily get to know the information about the Svartifoss waterfall. There is a Visitor center hike from 1.5 far, uphill, and on the way to Svartifoss. There you can find many other waterfalls. It is well worth it to take a relatively short hike and the amazing view of the surrounding area. It is located 310 meters from the sea level.

5. Hrafnabjargafoss :


Hrafnabjargafoss – the Raven Rocks waterfall is by and large not the same as Aldeyjarfoss, which I had as of late visited, as it falls in two falls which located in the middle of the island. The more noteworthy falls are gigantic and cause me a bit to recall Goðafoss, as it has shakes in the midst of the fall. It is difficult to photograph as it falls into a little bowl-shaped gully. Hrafnabjargafoss is a 15-20 foot waterfall in the north of Iceland in one of the greatest conduits in Iceland, Skjálfandafljót. The partition from Reykjavík to Goðafoss is around 422 km. Additionally, the detachment from Goðafoss to Hrafnabjargafoss is around 43-45 km depending whereupon of the 2 avenues you take through Bárðardalur valley. To accomplish this zone you can rent a vehicle in Reykjavíkand drive up north.

6. Aldeyjarfoss waterfall :

Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall

Aldeyjarfoss waterfall is near to the North-Iceland, It is located far away from the city. So, many people do not easily get reach to this falls.  It is located 41 km from Bárðardalur valley, main road. It is one of the most scenic waterfalls in Iceland. It easily reaches This waterfall offers alien-looking landscape and the height of the waterfalls is 20m high waterfalls with glacier waves. It is easily accessible from 2h detour from Godafoss. Come and enjoy the sunset or sunrise at the waterfall. There are a guesthouse and hotel near the waterfall in the Lake Myvatn area.

7. Godafoss waterfall :

Godafoss Waterfall

Godafoss waterfall is situated in the north Iceland Skailfandafjot. It is the fourth largest river in Iceland. It is the height of 12 meters (39 feet) and a width of 30 meters. It is exactly located in the North-east part of Iceland. Check the road condition if you are planning on the mission( self). If you are a tour guide you can do that work for your best. Take the best winter cold season dress for the tour. In the winter time, most of the falls are getting frozen. The view of the stunning waterfall is a great experience to watch. When you visit Iceland, don’t miss this visit to Godafoss.

8. Gullfoss waterfall :

Gullfoss Waterfall

Gullfoss Waterfalls is situated in the Southwest Iceland of Hvita river canyon. Hvita river is also known as White River. The depth of the falls is 32 meters(36 feet) while the lower waterfalls have a drop of 21 meters, it is almost 69 feet of height. Nearby Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon in beautiful Iceland. The most famous activities are Whale Watching and Golden  Circle Tour from Reykjavik.

9. Skogafoss :


Skogafoss Waterfall is located in the south of Iceland on the Skoga River. Along the cliffs of the former coastline. This waterfall is located at a distance of about 5  from the Skogar. The Seacliff is located parallel to the coast over hundreds of a kilometer. Many mountains are formed between the lowland and highland of Iceland.

10. Wequiock Falls :

Wequiock Falls

Wequiock waterfall is known as the best and smaller park in Brown’s country. The surrounding place contains a large ravine and also featuring amazing sightseeing from Niagara  Escarpment rock formation. In the spring season, the water dropping from Wequiock Creek looks picturesque one, then flow slows through the dry summer season. It is a pretty place to go picnic along Highway 57. All basic facilities are in the park, equipped with tables, restrooms, drinking water and ample parking.

11. Seljalandsfoss :


Seljalandsfoss waterfall is one of the best waterfalls in the South Region of Iceland. The height of the waterfalls is 60m (197 ft).  Seljalands River led the water to this waterfall. The origin of this river is Volcano Glacier Eyjafjallajokull. The width of the water dropping of these waterfalls is 197 feet(60 meters). It is one of the famous tourist spots in Iceland. There is a small cave behind the waterfalls, you can walk in the cave to enjoy the gorgeous view from inside.

12. Oxararfoss :


The Oxararfoss waterfall has to drop from 13 meters (44 feet) and the width of the waterfall is six meters (20 feet). Water in the waterfall’s base is dotted with large, clear crystal rocks, which is easily get frozen in winter. The waterfall can be visited in all the season, but expect large travelers visit this during the peak season of the summer. In the month of winter, the waterfall is entirely frozen. Ice climbers have been identified to balance it, but this should just be taken along by the experts. Must visit all of these waterfalls in Iceland. Iceland is the environmental unique country in all over the world.

13. Faxafoss (Faxi) :


In the river bed of Tungufljot near Reykholt in Iceland, Faxafoss waterfall is situated. It is one of the parts of Golden Circle. The water dropping from the height of 20-meter height. In the east of Iceland near mount Scafell. Faxi is a scenic waterfall in Iceland. The view of the waterfalls is amazing from all the direction. It is one of the Photogenic waterfalls in Iceland. It is one of the worthwhile places to visit. It is located just 12 kilometers from the famous Geysir hot spring area and 20 km from the famous Gullfoss.  

14. Hjalparfoss :


The total height of the waterfall is 32m. It is one of the double waterfalls which means it joined with its base. The river Fossa and Pjora join near the Hekla. Hjalparfoss is just 19 m from the east of Fleurier Village. It can be easily reached by the gravel road 32m from the  Vikrar lava fields. The wide Hvita river flows southward, and it is about a kilometer above the falls. The three-step staircase and plunges into two stages of waterfalls( 11 meters or 21 meters) 36 feet or 69 feet into the crevice(105)feet deep.

15. Haifoss :


Haifoss is 122-meter height and it is located in the Fossa river. The water of the falls is so clear. The glacial river Þjórsá which has the spring water tributary is the longest river in Iceland. Another beautiful waterfall is Granni is almost next to Haifoss and the pair of waterfalls shows the best sightseeing experience in Iceland. You can stand above the waterfall, which looks like a painting or Panoramic Photo. This waterfall is surely a breathtaking one.

Iceland is beautiful landscapes and lots of waterfalls. For such a small island, with its 10,000+ waterfalls, Iceland has one of the highest groups of waterfalls than any other country. If you’re planning a wonderful and unforgettable trip means to make sure to visit all the best waterfalls in Iceland.