List of waterfalls in Maui

Waterfalls in Maui are also known as “valley isle”. Many people say this “magic isle” as well as a romantic island.  This place one of the adventure cascade. It is enjoyed as a wondrous waterfall journey.

The adventures we highlight here stand out for their exceptional guides, gorgeous destinations, and rave reviews- we think they are simply the best waterfall tours you’ll find. Go to this adventure ride this holiday.

1. Twin Falls:

Twin Falls

This amazing fall water drops from the height of 10 to15 ft. There is a trail around the fall. It is home to multiple falls. Awesome easy hike. The total hike is about a mile or the mile and a half. There is a great waterfall at the end for some great pictures. This place is somewhat crowdy. There is also a smaller waterfall off the beaten path about .25 miles in just before a metal trail gate. Go left to the creek and you will see a waterfall and you can even jump off it in spots. The big waterfall is through the metal gate with the chain so don’t miss that.

2. Lower Puohokamoa Falls:


Lower Puohokamoa Falls is one of those falls that you basically need to know it’s there or else you’re going to miss it. The motivation driving for what reason is in light of the way that it’s organized underneath the Hana Highway where it’s totally unfathomable you’d even notice it from the street except for if you knew the right pullout which was not by the structure over its stream. We were made mindful of this said-to-be 200ft course following to having seen it in our manual. Be that as it may, so as to get a not too awful take a gander at it, we expected to work a touch in the wake of finding the right pullout. The essential occasion when I saw this course, I ignored the agreeable trail that went past the wire divider to allude to advance look. So I wound up with a genuinely sorry view despite how the falls were in full stream at the time.

3. Makapipi Falls:

Makapipi Falls

On a very basic level past mile marker 25 set out toward Hana, you will find Makapipi Falls. This course isolates from a vital number of the others on this road in that when you see it from the framework you are staying at the most fundamental inspiration driving the falls. We drove conceivably past it for a picture. It is one of the diverse splendid falls and surprising sights to see as you drive to Hana. Regularly, falls look like falls, yet Makapipi Falls will offer you an opportunity to experience the most perilous tumble from the top view. This spot will give you an unadulterated tendency when you experience on the ocean surface of Makapipi Bridge. The falls are discovered 0.1 miles from the 25-mile marker, you can see pull off past and before the bridge. The course depends on the season besides the latest precipitation. Visitors should be watchful while withdrawing and in the midst of blend as the road of Hana turnpike doesn’t help in outline the coming vehicles. The most overwhelming bit of the Makapipi falls is that they don’t take after the standard falls; the photographs will help you with appreciating this.

4. Wailua Falls:

 Wailua Falls

A standout amongst the most awesome course in Maui. It might be the longest and greatest. Halting is outrageous at the top. People park where they shouldn’t which makes it troublesome for the people who obey traffic rules. Wailua Falls is a 173-foot course arranged close Lihue that supports into the Wailua River. The course is observably included on the opening credits of the TV game plan Fantasy Island. There are approaches to the base of the falls, yet it might be messy and subtle. The “trail” further from the stopping zone is less steep than the closer one. In old events, Hawaiian men would bounce from the most astounding purpose of the tumbles to show their manliness. A couple of individuals still bounce off the most noteworthy purpose of the falls, anyway, it is perilous and unlawful.

5.Makahiku Falls:

Moving in Mahahiku Falls is especially charming. I adore being joined essentially. This was my first experience being consolidated by bamboo boondocks. I was in awe! We at first expected to go to the Seven Sacred Pools, regardless that is a no-no these days. Makahiku Falls is around 200 ft horsetail direction in Haleakala National Park on the island. It continues running on the Ohio Gulch stream. The falls are gotten to by the Pipiwai Trail.

6. Waimoku Falls:

Waimoku Falls

Apparently a move for the experience darling. Waimoku Falls is a fabulous said-to-be 400ft tall course masterminded at the head of Ohio Gulch. In the midst of our first trip back in September 2003, I advanced toward the course and having a smile extensively and uncover to me that it was a significant contribution with such love and wonderment that I understood it must be one of a kind. Frankly, I believe this is in all probability the tallest certifiable course on the Hawaiian Islands outside of Akaka Falls that you can see without a helicopter.    

7. Alelele Falls:

Hidden secret. If you see the right bay, you will discover a stunning waterfall on the dry surface of Maui.Past Hana on the dry surface, you have a lot of parking area.next to a waterway into Kaupo and Kipajulu. If you travel around a minimum of 10minutes on the stream, you will find a pleasant hidden waterfall. This short, satisfying hike leads to Alelele Falls. An unofficial trail parallels the stream through mixed jungle around a bend in the canyon. After crossing the stream you reach a small pool surrounded by cliffs at the base of an impressive 50 ft. waterfall. Spray from the falls often makes the approach wet and muddy. You can either rock-hop across the stream or take your shoes off to keep them dry. Check the recent weather history as the falls may dry up if it hasn’t rained for a while.

8. Honokohau Falls:

Honokohau Falls is one of the highest workshops on Maui as it clearly makes a ricochet couple views for a whole of 1100feet. This was our first since constantly helicopter ride so we didn’t regularly understand what’s accessible. In common sense, the draw of viewing the highest research on the island was spectacular to get us to do this. A little while later everything considered, we about couldn’t visit this course paying little character to how we were going on a helicopter visit. In any case, later on in the trade, she by then attempted to begin us that this course and the Wall of Tears was something on an especially major estimation all around that really matters unclear moreover. At any rate, to make a long story short, we looked past the sensible twofold dealings and continued running with this trader since they offered a staggeringly better than the standard cost.

9. Makamaka‘ole Falls:

Makamaka’ole Falls is a significant course on Makamaka’ole Stream. It is indisputable along the Waihee Ridge Trail. The best view is around at the one-mile marker along the trail. The course drops in a couple of levels, totaling around 270 ft. in stature. You can similarly get a glance at the falls on the Kahekili Highway along Maui’s northwest coast. Essentially past mile marker 8, you should have the ability to see the course down underneath in a little valley to the other side. In case it’s been especially dry recently, the falls may not be starting at now spilling. As can be seen, by methods for the photographs, it is a two-level course. Routinely the lower some bit of the course is undeniable despite when the upper measurement isn’t.

10. Pools of ‘Ohe‘o (Seven Sacred Pools):

Pools of ‘Ohe‘o (Seven Sacred Pools)

Eboue’s Gulch is the best tourist place for nature lovers. This pool is situated close to Haleakala National Park system so that the wealthy tiered pools filled by waterfalls that cascade through the gulch, which were named the Seven Sacred Pools. This trail is around 1.0 km densely trafficked loop trail placed close to Hana, Hawaii, Maui that highlights a waterfall and is good for all ability levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is accessible year-round.

Waterfalls are a portion of nature’s most astonishing signs, and the desert place that is known for Arizona is piled up with probably the most extraordinary Waterfalls in the country. The falls change undeniably to the degree gauge, joining, and in an awful position arriving. Not everyone searching for the Waterfall. But the best part is that a waterfall in Maui is one of the nicest things to visit. Enjoy the best hiking near the waterfall in Maui. You must visit this beautiful place once in your lifetime.