Waimano Falls

List of Waterfalls in Oahu

The Oahu is the 3rd largest of the Hawaiian islands hometown to the state’s metropolis, Honolulu, which extends on the southeast coast. With almost 600 square miles of land,  it’s among the biggest islands in the U.S.Due to its heavy seasonal rainfall, the mountains and valley between them are covered with dense, green vegetation, and geographic luck here lucky enough to have yards is the beauty of waterfalls. Whether they are big, small, quiet, heavy, hard or tender, waterfalls can easily take anyone’s breath away. We rounded up our favorite waterfalls on Oahu that will make you drop head over heels.

1.Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls is one of the most interesting waterfalls on Oahu, This Waterfalls approximately 100-foot-tall. Manoa Falls trail sign and you will start your trip over a bridge and gently walk up onward the surfaces of the wide rain forest valley.  The scenes are breathtaking, There are lots of impressive windfalls along the forest trail on this Oahu hike. This is full of dense forest and uneven rock formation, so all you need a proper and strong grip of footwear.

2.Waimea Falls

Waimea Falls

Want to explore great and amazing destination wedding, a family event in nature. Waimea Valley is an awesome place. It is best to visit out new in the day to travel the entire park. The Valley is an ancient site, as well as a farming and religious one. Waimea Valley is sanitarium to multiple threatened species of birds. Pet animals like dogs are not allowed inside the park, except for trained service dogs. In the first and third Sundays and Thursdays will be very crowded here.

3.Maunawili Falls

Maunawili Falls

Maunawili falls trail is a 3.9km gradually trafficked out and back trail placed close too Kailua,  Oahu, Hawaii that highlights a waterfall and is considered as moderate.the trail is essentially used for hiking and nature trips, is available year round. Pets are also allowed to this trail but must keep on a rope. Areas of the roadway parallel a lava mud flow because of the constant river of slip-sliding feet that wear away at the vegetation. Some sections of the trail are so wet that they trickle with running water and pools. Use proper and grip footwear for your safety.

4. Waimano Falls

Waimano Falls

Settled in the center of Oahu near Pearl City, this gem has a lot to offer for such a short hike. It begins along the Manana Ridge Trail where you walk along a shaded path with some periodic scenes of Manana Valley and Waimano Valley. The hike the heads downhill where you will tackle a steep and muddy descent to the floor of Waimano Valley. All that slipping and sliding will be worth it because at the end you will arrive at Waimano Falls, a multi-level waterfall with enough water for swimming and even cliff jumping. The trail is basically used for hiking and nature trips and is available year-round.

5.Lulumahu Falls

Lulumahu Falls

The Lulumahu waterfalls are exciting and pali region is the location for this waterfalls. Anywhere in the Oahu is usually very moist and chill than the base of the island. The pali region is the origin of this waterfalls. If your driving to this place you can notice several cars parking on you are traveling from to Kailua.this is a fast and easiest trip, you can see a lot of families and kids anywhere. If you are going to this hiking trail, you should take extra clothes for avoiding the wetness and also to protect yourself from some kind of species  

6. Likeke Falls

Likeke Falls

The Likeke falls trail is 1.3 Km constantly trafficked out and the back way places close to Kailua, Oahu and Hawaii that highlights a waterfall and also this waterfalls is good for all the experience levels.  The Likeke fall is basically a chill two-tiered fall that 20 feet. You will be definitely shocked if the trail opens up among the stream bed is straightly moves up to the waterfalls.this trail extends the lots of  activities events and is available in all the days and pets are welcomed to this waterfalls

7.Kapena Falls

The Kapena waterfall is the best and easy trip to a wonderful waterfall cascade, measures rock plunge.  The Nuuanu Memorial Park,  Mortuary and origin under the mountain to the trailhead closed the rock surface. After the rainy season here the water can be attractive muddy, so jump in carefully. this falls mountain spring is approximately a 34 feet and beautiful shallow.A short walk along a river to a cute little waterfall, and  If you want some good pics this is one of your best spots.

8.Laie Falls

Laie Falls

Laie Falls is settled near the city of Laie on the northeastern shore of Oahu. this is available by the seven-mile-long Laie Ridge trail.  This cascade drops 15ft into a lake to its bottom, this is the way where you can enjoy the views of thick tropic foliage, the slopes and the shores. The hike takes around four hours depending on your activity. Here you can also see the opened elevations,pine forests and bamboo forest-lined mountains.

9.Waipuhia Falls

Waipuhia Falls

The Waipuhia Falls is one kilometer pretty trafficked out and the back way is place closed to Oahu, Honolulu,Hawaii that highlights a waterfall and is estimated as simple. The trail is originally used for the nature trips and hiking also is available for all the days. This Waipuhia waterfall is a popular place for some unique reasons. Pets are welcomed to this waterfalls.Conclusion

Oahu is one of the stunningly beautiful waterfalls. A lot of waterfall in Oahu and its worth to visit. Must visit all of these stunning waterfalls once in your lifetime.  Oahu waterfall is an excellent place for nature lovers. So you can spend some time with your friends & family, this Oahu is one of the unforgettable trips