List of waterfalls in the Philippines

A rundown of the best cascades in the Philippines ends up being a lot harder than anticipated. Not because of an absence of choices, but instead in light of the fact that the decisions of common falls in the nation that are both noteworthy and available to us are incalculable. An update that “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” has a lot to do with the incalculable miracles of nature found locally. While there are numerous different cascades that are similarly excellent, look at our limited rundown of the Top 5 Waterfalls in the Philippines:

1. Limunsudan Falls:


Limunsudan Falls takes the best spot by sheer size and WOW factor. The title of the Philippines’ tallest might be challenged by another cascade (that is likewise on this rundown), yet there’s no denying that Limunsudan, at first look, is gigantically increasingly noteworthy. It is additionally the most remote and hardest to reach on this rundown. It takes no less than a 3– 4-hour single direction drive on seriously dreadful earth streets from Cagayan de Oro, the most “advantageous” hop off-point.

2. Tinago Falls:


Tinago Falls, likewise found in Iligan City, could without much of a stretch take the best spot if “swimmability” is the central factor. It’s amazing a direct result of how completely perfect it is. This drapery type cascade shows up as different falls falling delicately one next to the other on a profound gorge, covered up in a lavish woodland. It’s certainly a standout amongst the most wonderful cascades I’ve seen, anyplace, and very much prescribed for voyagers searching for enchantingly delightful spots to visit in the Philippines. It’s likewise very simple to reach from Iligan City Proper.

3. Asik-Asik Falls, Cotabato:

Asik-Asik Falls,Cotabato

Asik-Asik Falls is a remarkable arrangement of cascades that are 140-meter wide and up to 25-meter high settled in the forested bits of a mountain run in Alameda, North Cotabato. The underground where Asik-Asik Falls streams from is associated with the base of Mt. Ragang, a functioning stratovolcano lying in the limits of North Cotabato and Lanao del Sur. Geologists clarify that the bedrock inside the mountain go is volcanic and is very cracked. There is a water table higher than the riverbed, which works like a spring. This makes Asik-Asik falls some portion of one of a kind land development.

4. Hikong Bente Falls:

Hikong Bente Falls

Otherwise called Lake Sebu’s Second Falls. The original plan is still very sizable and has something unique that no additional water on this rundown can coordinate — the astonishing perspective from The Seven Falls Zipline. It tends to become through the urban communities of Koronadal, General Santos& Davao. The closest air terminals are General Santos-Tambler Airport and Davao International Airport.

5. Tinuy-a Falls:

Tinuy-a Falls

Tinuy-a Falls in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur is known as the little “Niagara Falls of the Philippines.” It is the biggest window ornament type cascade in the nation. It may not be as dynamite as others on this rundown, however, it’s as yet worth a visit if at any time you wind up in this piece of Mindanao, maybe visiting close-by Aliwagwag Falls or the Enchanted River in Hinatuan.



Otherwise called Mother Falls (since it is the biggest in the area), Ditumabo Falls is one the features while visiting around Baler due to its amazing drop, forcing precipices and wide bowl

The greatest, tallest, and most grounded falls in the Philippines may not approach the rundown of the World’s best cascades. Indeed, even just in Southeast Asia, just a couple in the Philippines, assuming any, would make the rundown. They might be dwarves among smaller people in this unique circumstance, yet sheer size isn’t the main thing that makes cascades so exceptional. Greater isn’t in every case better.