List of waterfalls in Virginia

Virginia is one of the most beautiful and pleasant places in the world. This is the most romantic and impressive places to explore. So, most of the peoples travel nearby the state for their honeymoon. This place surrounding in nature with impressive waterfalls in the background is an attractive place for lovers. Virginia has something for everyone to enjoy. Virginia consists of different types of waterfalls, Including small, huge, natural swimming pools and rivers that sustain you through the entire trail.

1. Falling Spring Falls :


Falling Spring Falls is a wonderful 80-foot waterfall, this is one of the most visited areas and photographic spots in the Alleghany Highlands. Large swimming spots over the falls. this beautiful waterfall is located on  Route 220 in Alleghany County, only a few miles north of Covington, Virginia.this is one of the safest visiting areas. In the past, this spot has been a popular destination for cooling off in the summer months, but, recently posted warning visitors against entering the trails to the falls away from the fence.  Trespassing could result in a charge and a fine, so it’s best to leave your suit at home and enjoy the views from the overlook. You can also pack a lunch and enjoy the renewed picnic area.

2. White Oak Falls :


White Oak Falls is one of the bigger waterfalls in Shenandoah national park. It consists of primary drops of differing elevations along with countless tiny drops over a mile range. The impression is the first big drop, moving almost 90 feet long and having excellent views. the view was wonderful, the air was fresh and clean, the bird’s sounds and the wind blowing was pacifying and relaxing. The downhills have trees and greenish view and beautiful sounds along the way. The upper falls are very spacious and small pools to swim. there are upper and lower parking facilities is available.

3. Great Falls :


To explore fun things to do in great falls. visitors to enjoy the waterfall views, greenish view, history about the falls, hiking and more outdoor fun.  the Great Falls of the river drops 76 feet in lesser than a mile. same time, the range close from 1000 feet wide to only 60 to 100 feet as the river passes over Mather Gorge. The organization of dropping and narrowing as the river moves over irregular rocks forms an impressive host of waterfalls and rapids. It’s a wonderful, and easy to spread, a part of nature just 18 miles from busy Washington DC. There is a small activity area for kids and a souvenir shop and in ground level restroom facilities are located. great falls have nearby hotels and resort facilities. this is most useful for long distance people.

4. Crabtree Falls :


Crabtree Falls is one of the biggest vertical drop cascading waterfall in the east of the Mississippi River,  It was located in Nelson Country, Virginia. it’s just a few miles off the beautiful Blue ridge Parkway near milepost 27. Crabtree falls highlights a series of few major waterfalls and a number of smaller ones that fall a total distance of 1,200 feet. The first overlook is just a few hundred feet from the upper parking lot along a moderate, the covered trail making it an excellent layover for travelers of all ages and strength. It is open from sunrise to nightfall daily. It is a pet-friendly place and the dogs are allowed along they are on the rope.

5. Blue Suck Falls :


The Blue Suck Falls is a loop hike that provides yourself with a true sense of the park, located near Millboro, Virginia that features a waterfall. You will hike into Mountain Laurel, cross streams, and be compensated with both a waterfall and beautiful view at the Tuscarora Overlook and hut. The overlook of Blue suck falls was beautiful,  trees and plants behind the fence. It gives a nice look for the waterfalls. The Blue suck falls were the best eye treatment for the nature lover. If you are finished your trip, you can take a cool dip in the lake, and relax on the sandy beach then take a bite to eat at the restaurant.

6. Stiles Falls :


Stiles falls is located on the property of Atla Mons. this is a tree-covered hill and its best photographic place. There’s a playground on the site with a ranger boat, so Truffles wanted to quickly sail the high seas before went hiking. The route continuous taking beside over the stream and through woods, it’s a beautiful setting. So you have to enjoy the beautiful views. the dogs are allowed along they are on the rope. The Stiles falls is the best place for visiting especially, in the summer season

7. Dark Hollow Falls :


It is one of the most popular waterfalls in Shenandoah national park is dark hollow falls, nearest to Skyline Drive.the cascades 70 feet over greenstone. Parking area positioned at mile 50.7skyline drive. Pets are not allowed on this trail. The trail is essentially used for walking, hiking, nature trips and birding is the best used for seasoning. Roundtrip from the parking area is 1.5miles. So you can wear strong shoes and carry water. This falls view is the darkest forest so its a  home for densest bear population in the US and various thrilling waterfalls. It is the best photographic place. So you can take the best pics for your unforgettable journey on Dark hollow falls.

8. Apple Orchard Falls :


Apple Orchard falls is such beautiful waterfalls and bridges. This is one of the popular hikes in VA. visiting this falls you really feel like you are in a magical forest. this trail is around 2mile slightly trafficked out and the back way is located closed to bed ford, Virginia. It is the wilderness area and many people to see much wildlife here. The trail gives plenty of activity opportunities and is best used from the seasoning time from March to October. Dogs are also allowed to this trail along kept on the rope.

9.Dismal Falls :


Dismal falls is 40 ft, width with a 12 ft. this trail is easy for who are weakly excited to feel far off the hit track. In deeper water, the middle and right are not covered and the water is much narrower. the width of the stream, the waterfall is not particularly open with trees lining each series and surrendering much of the falls into covering most of the day. Here you can enjoy Fishing and bring a fishing pole to the nearby dismal creek. It’s full of Rainbow trout.

10. Devil’s Bathtub :


The Devils Fork loop trail is perfect for the real back country supporters who are ready to get their feet wet. All hikers should be ready to climb over rocks and should plan their visit when low water conditions. The trail highlight is the thrilling Devil’s Bathtub, a consistently smooth swimming hole. It is one of The most beautiful views and surroundings ever are seen. You can use proper hiking footwear for making wet yet have a good grip. Weekdays are the best time to visit Devil’s Bathtub due to its popularity.

11. Straight Branch Fall :


The Straight Branch Falls is one of the prettiest roadside Falls in Virginia. This is just 20 feet high but very photographic, particularly in the Fall. The  Falls received a 6 rating simply because it was an unexpected delight. Right next to the highway, US-58, but not visible from the road the waterfall is a little treasure. There are various points to photograph Even Branch Creek as it equals US-58 for some miles on the route down the hill towards Damascus, VA.

12. Abrams Falls :


The hike to Abrams Falls in the Great Smoky Mountains effects from the Abrams Falls Trailhead, located at the far western end of Cades Cove. follows a pretty creek that leads to the 20-foot Abrams Falls waterfall. The Abrams Falls trail offers many spectacular overlooks and has a total elevation gain of 340 feet. Its highest elevation point reaches 1,710 feet. The trail, which is well-maintained and easy to follow, has a total elevation change of about 1,800 feet when you add up all of the ascents and descents. The long, deep pool at its base is the best photographic place.

13. Little Stoney Creek Falls :


Little Stony Falls Trail is a 5.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Dungannon, Virginia that highlights a waterfall and is rated as common. Little Stony Trail was assigned a National Recreation Trail because of its power and ease of access. This longer trail to the falls is the path less visited. 24-foot high waterfall, scenic views of deep gorges, grassy cove hardwood forest. It is six miles round trip and three miles to the falls. In Restrooms, picnic areas and drinking water are available at the trailhead during summer.

14. Cabin Creek Trail Falls :


Cabin Creek Trail is a 2 mile slightly trafficked loop trail located near Mouth of Wilson, Virginia that highlights a waterfall and is rated as easy. The trail is primarily used for walking, climbing, trail running and nature trips and is best used from April until November. This hike is perfect for kids and dogs on a rope. This is one of the wilderness areas. So, Here you have to see a Wild Horse. But don’t feed them, because, they will bite and kick if they feel unsafe. This trail has a yellow flame.

Virginia has many pleasant waterfalls and it is the most romantic place. so you should visit with your loved ones and enjoy the must watching full scenic waterfalls.  Virginia is the best visiting place for the summer season. Restrooms, picnic areas and drinking water and lot more facilities are available near the Virginia waterfalls.