Exciting 9 Waterfalls in Washington

Washington in the United States of America is located in the Pacific Northwest region. For people who have visited or who have a fair idea about the place, they will surely know that waterfall are an essential part of the place. The blissful climate throughout the year makes Washington a beautiful place to explore. This also contributes a lot to the falls which makes them flow throughout the year. There are actually a considerable amount of factors that contribute to the number of waterfalls in Washington. Some of them include the high rainfall and the volcanic peaks in the northeast. In this article, we will see some of the beautiful waterfalls in Washington.

1. Palouse Falls:


The interesting fact about Palouse Falls is that it is one of the last active falls on the flood paths of the ice age. The falls is located in Palouse Falls State Park. It is said that that the falls has been active for the past 13000 years. Even after all these years, the flow is really heavy after a good rainfall. The fall is beautiful that artists from all over the world come here to paint Palouse Falls.

2. Lewis River falls:


To reach the Lewis River Falls you need to cover an 8.8-mile round trip. It has an elevation of about 450 feet. The falls is located in the Lewis River Region which is the southwestern part of Washington. The moss cover forests dense forests surrounding the Lewis River is somet5hing out of this world. Some of the common sights that will come across is the large cedar trees, prehistoric stumps and the constant sound of the heavily rushing water. Lewis Water Falls is one of the important factors that contributes a lot to the tourism of Washington.

3. Myrtle Falls:


The Myrtle Falls is known for its magnificent view from Mount Rainer, which is also considered to be one of the most beautiful mountains in Washington. It would not be an understatement to say that it is a paradise for many photographers from all over the world. From the entrance viewpoint, the trail is 0.3 miles. There is paved walkways till you reach the waterfall. If you have enough time the place is worth spending a whole day. In the pathways there are other ways that lead to the other waterfalls such as Sluiskin falls.

4. Creek Falls:


Creek Falls is really astonishing for many reasons. It is located in the North Cascades of Methow. You need to cover a round trip about four miles to reach Creek Falls. The best part about the trip is the scenic views along the way. The terrain is so even that everyone take a hike without putting much effort. When you start the trail within a quarter mile you will come across the first fall. Depending on the weather and the season the flow of the fall varies. Hence it is essential that you plan your trip properly.

5. Spray Waterfalls:


The Spray Waterfalls demands a advanced hike to reach it. You need to climb some rough patches to reach the viewpoint. The best part is that going through all of that struggle is worth it because the view of the fall is really awesome. On the contrary, not everyone can take a hike. It is better to avoid the place for older people who will find it really difficult. If you are an adventurous person this is the ideal place for you. The fall is really heavy during the spring and it is covered with snow during the winters.

6. Panther Creek Falls:


Panther Creek Falls is without a doubt the most famous falls in the George Region. It is located in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. It is still a huge mystery how people dint spot this for very long time. Many state that Panther Creek Falls is the ideal place where you can literally get away from your routine in Washington. To reach the fall you will have to take a small walk to the wooden viewpoint.  There are no second thoughts on the fact that it is the best view that you can get of the Panther Creek Falls.

7. Bridal Veil Falls:


Bridal Veil Falls is located very close to Index, Washington.  The trail is elevated up to 1000 feet and the trail is about 3.7 miles long. It can be easily accessed from lake Serene Trail. This trail is a moderate one and is very hiking friendly. There are no difficult hurdles that you need to cross in the path. There are actually two veils that are formed in the waterfall. The water is the falls flows from lake Serene.  Since there is a valley very close by the fall can be viewed in different angles.

8. Silver Falls and Hot Springs:


The exact location is Silver Falls and Hot Springs is in Mount Rainer Area, Washington. The one thing that everyone should know is that people require a national parking pass to park. The best time of the year to make a trip here is during the spring and summer. The Silver Falls and the Hot Spring is absolutely a great area to take a hike but hot is very small and hence no one can take a swim there. The total trail for Silver Falls and Hot Spring is about 1.3 miles.

9. Rocky Brook Falls:


Rocky Brook Falls is one of the most famous falls in Washington. Even though many call it is a hike it is nothing more than a 200-yard walk to reach Rocky Brook Falls. It is a kind of falls that you cannot afford to miss. One of the best parts of the waterfall is that it is a place that you can drop by at any time of the year.