List of waterfalls in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the native to cascade, lakes, rivers. Here, many are beautiful and astonishing waterfalls with enormous tumbling slides and cascading drops, while others are just a small rapid and rises. Wisconsin waterfalls are made a border between Wisconsin and Michigan. Those waterfalls are Superior and Peterson falls while others wind their ways to the Piers Gorge and Lasalle Falls. In this blog, we mention the most various and splendid waterfalls to walk, bike or bush-whack to enjoy.

1. Amnicon Falls:


Amnicon Waterfalls is situated in East of Superior, Wisconsin just 15 miles. This place also has an amazing 36 wonderful wooded campsite and attractive hiking and walking trails. Tent Camping is also near Amnicon Falls. You can stay there at night also. Near to tent camp, there is a vault toilet and water supply is also there. If you are traveling through the lush valley you can spot the nice stop for picnic and hike around the beautiful falls. The color of the waterfalls is amazing and you can surely enjoy the fun filled day.

2. Big Manitou Falls :


Big Manitou falls situated in the Pattison state park. The cascade is fed by the black river and tributary of the Nemadji river. The waterfall height is 165 feet and has a crest of 10 feet and it is highest waterfalls in the Wisconsin. Many American tribes are settled near this falls. They believed that some voice is coming from the falls. Some of them are gathered that sound of the great spirit and named it is Gitchee Manitou. The trail near the falls offers you a number of activity. A lot of activities for children. Dogs are also allowed in the trail. But only in the lash area.

3. Big Smokey river :

Big Smokey river is located on the wolf river.  There is a little island in the center of the large smokey river.  The view of the river is not good. If you want to see the amazing view, go to another side of the river. From there you can find the bridge to the island. You can spend some moment on the island. The Wolf River Dells is around 2 miles from Wisconsin. The smaller Keshena Falls and  Big Eddy Falls are both several miles downstream. Otherwise, this is a moderately isolated waterfall. Wequiock Falls is around 80 miles apart. Daves Falls is around 90 miles away. The hikers can enjoy nature while they trail the path of the falls to find the falls which are good for taking a deep in its waters.

4.  Brownstone Falls :


Copper and brownstone falls were a highlighted set of the waterfall in the copper falls state park. This waterfalls dropping from the height of 30 ft height or so. It gives twisting nature of the falls, but you can’t get all the perfect view in the single position. On the other hand, Brownstone Falls could really well be the show stealer of the state park as this 40ft falls become a more vertical and singular drop. Brownstone Falls is pretty easy to access. The trail is level and easy to traverse. The only negative about the trail is how close you can get to the waterfalls. The gorge the falls are found in is surprisingly steep, so it is understandable that you cannot get extremely close to the falls. The only way to view the falls fully is from above. Brownstone Falls has the best view, though it still leads to a deceiving view, as the falls are higher than they appear.

5.  Cascade Falls Osceola :


Cascade Falls is situated in the little village of Osceola on the St. Croix River. It is a well-known story: the extremely larger St.Croix should create out a long gorge toward the much smaller Osceola Creek falls. A set of stairs placed right off the central road in Osceola leads you down into the gorge and to the base of the falls. The trail extends to the coasts of the St. Croix. The Osceola Creek falls 100 feet within the town and the river, but this is the only big drop. The falls were the reason for the originating of the community. They once supported a mill and a brewery. Some ruins of the past industry remain over the falls. There is also a second small fall where an even smaller creek falls into the Osceola just above the main falls.

6. Copper Falls :


Old lava streams, deep canyons and dramatic waterfalls make this one of the state’s most picturesque places. Log constructions from the 1930s CCC period add a unique charm. The call of the loon, the forest primeval, the timeless character of cascading waterfalls; these and more await the visitor to Copper Falls State Park. There are few terrific mountain bike tracks to drive. Take-on some hills or enjoy an easy roll. The Taksin is a single-track trail with glimpses of the Bad River through the tall pines. Be sure to view the 80 foot-deep canyon at the picturesque overlook. Pets are allowed in Wisconsin State Parks but must be on a rope and under control at all times

7. Dave’s Falls :


Dave’s Falls is a little waterfall in Marinette County. It is part of the Log Jam Legends Tour. There are two viewing areas from which you can see different parts of the falls. One is lower falls which is a narrow chute. Another one is upper falls which is a wider slide. Due to the surrounding rock, the small size of the falls is an interesting area. The road in is a bit winding and maybe a mile off 41, but is well maintained and no problem. Once there, the parking lot is a nice large one with plenty of room for motor homes and campers to find a spot to stop. The Falls themselves are pretty but not all that fast. It depends on the previous night’s weather, There is a picnic area and schedules are available if you decide to stay longer and take in the scenery.walk to the 2 different viewing areas along the river. If you like woodsy parks and waterfalls, Dave’s is definitely one you’ll need to check out. Spend an hour or spend the day because It’s a nice place.

8. Eighteen Foot Fall :


The Eighteen Foot Falls is a Wild Waterfall. There are no fences or railings, also not a lot of good vantage points for this falls. It is around a 10-minute trip to the falls along a moderately rocky and uneven trail. The trail ended at top of the falls. There is a fair amount of waterfalls in this area, but most of them are very includes Dev’s falls, Twelve footfalls and Smalley’s falls. the best way to reach Eighteen Foot Falls is to go north.  Follow the path to the beautiful Pike River and the awesome Eighteen Foot Falls. It was Rocky and hilly terrain along the path, so you can use comfortable walking shoes.

9. Fonferek Falls :


Fonferek’s Glen is a 0.5 mile slowly trafficked loop trail located near Green Bay, Wisconsin that highlights a waterfall and is estimated as moderate. The trail is originally used for nature trips, hiking and birding,  is available year-round. The best view of the falls is seemingly from the east side of the creek. It is one of the greenish area and its a best visiting area for nature lovers. When the water is low it is easy to cross the creek above or below the falls, a glen is an interesting place. There are some sheer dams over 50′ high, and an. The arch was probably founded by a cow moving through an undercut part of the glen

10. Foster Fall :


This stunning waterfall is a portion of the extensive South Cumberland State Park. The park is located on the Cumberland Plateau and near Mont Eagle. Spilling in an ultra-scenic, single-drop cascade over a towering, curved cliff, Foster Falls is quite simply one of the most impressive waterfalls in the entire Southeast. Its 80-foot direct plunge down into the turquoise pool below is iconic for the region and the geology of the Cumberland Plateau, which begins Alabama, carves through northwest Georgia close cloud land canyon state park and extends   Kentucky. the Foster water Falls area becomes great been popular with the local rock climbing area, At under a mile, round trip, it’s a beginner-friendly trip among a huge bonus and the chance to take some unbelievable photos throughout the venture.

11. Houghton Falls :

Houghton Falls has long been a romantic destination on the Bayfield Peninsula. The land had been granted by the town of Bayfield until recently when it became one of Wisconsin’s newest State Natural Areas. Houghton Falls is a widely high and dramatic waterfall, this waterfall is well over a few feet with several dives bouncing off the visible, volcanic rock. The copper country is one of the highlights of this waterfalls

12. Lasalle Fall :


LaSalle Falls are located in northeastern Wisconsin only south of Florence, near the border with Upper Michigan. This beautiful waterfall happens where the Pine River sounds down 20 foot-long ‘slide’ between a pair of rocky steps into a beautiful, small canyon surrounded by cedar, pine, and birch trees.the LaSalle Falls has more length than height, they are still the highest waterfall in this part of the state. The clear effect is a strong, fast, and scenic area. The LaSalle falls is well worth a visit

13. Little Manitou Fall :


Little Manitou Falls is an attractive waterfall and is just upstream from Wisconsin’s biggest waterfall. This waterfall is located in Wisconsin Pattison state park, its a properly sized waterfall, The falls drop 30 feet into the Black River. The falls are split, very spectacular and the highlight of the park. here  paddling and swimming activities are very famou

14. Long Slide Fall :

Long_ Slide_Falls

Long Slide Falls is a beautiful place to visit in summer and winter. There are hiking trails all around the falls. Be safe with the younger kids because there is an uneven rock wall that is quite steep. This is a very picturesque place in all seasons. This long slide falls is a few miles north of Pembine Wisconsin. this is a high sheer slide with some delicate rock formations. You can climb on the rocks here to get several views of the falls

15. Morgan falls :


Morgan Creek drops is 20 feet into the Carp River, forming this small wild waterfall. This is one of the more available of the Marquette waterfalls. The more impressive, but much hard to visit carp River Falls is half a mile away.visitors have more facilities in Morgan falls like free parking, Free Parking, Picnic Area, Picnic Shelter and  Public Restrooms

Wisconsin waterfalls make for picture excellent season landscape. Take a trip into the rolling region, or find places to relax and appreciate nature. This is the best place for nature lovers. So you can spend some time with your friends & family, this Wisconsin is one of the unforgettable trips