Adventurous Trip to the Waterfalls in Yosemite

The Yosemite is one of the finest examples that can be stated for how awesome nature can be if it is left undisturbed by humans. Some of the paramount attractions include sequins and the granite cliffs of El Captian. The glacial activity has formed Yosemite for over millions of years. There are a few small glaciers that still exist. Some of the extremely impressive waterfalls are found throughout the park. Most of them are seasonal waterfalls. Hence it is essential that you need to plan the visit at the right time. In this article, we will see in detail about the various waterfalls in Yosemite.

1. Yosemite Falls:


The Yosemite Falls consists of two sections. They include the upper section and the lower section. The total height of the falls is almost 1430 feet high. The Yosemite Falls is easily the highest waterfall in North America, and not just that, it is also one of the ten highest falls in the world. If you are planning to visit the waterfall, make sure to plan the timing because, in summer, there is no water flow. The best time to go during the monsoon or the winters.

2. Lehamite Falls:


Lehamite Falls is located very near to Yosemite Falls. The falls form a very high cascade but comparatively a thin one. The best time to visit Lehamite Falls is during spring. The trees near the waterfalls are very dense, and hence, their shadow tends to cover the entire waterfall, which is a huge hurdle for taking good photos. If you really want to have a good view of the fall or take a photo that is worth posting on your social media handles, it is can done from the Cook Meadow, which is located near the Yosemite village.

3. Sentinel Falls:


Sentinal Falls is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive and majestic falls in Yosemite. The total height of the falls is about 2000 feet. The highest single drop in the fall is about 500 feet. The fall can be really strong during March till the end of June. Even though the falls have all the elements to attract people, there are very fewer people who visit these falls. The Falls got the name Sentinal because of the Sentinal Rock that is very near to it.

4. Bridalveil Fall:


The exact word to describe the Bridalveil Fall is stunning. It is the falling waterfall that you will see when you enter Yosemite. The total height of the fall is around 620 feet. The best part about the fall is that you can visit this one any time of the year as it keeps flows throughout the year. The Ahwahneeche Indian used to refer to this fall as Pohono, which means – The Spirit of the Puffing Wind. It is because the wind here is so strong the water drops sideways. You can easily access the fall with just a few minutes of the hike.

5. Silver Strand Falls:


Silver Strand Falls is one of the lesser noticed waterfalls because of the place where it is located. It is located in the Tunnel View Overlook, and literally, it is being overlooked. Most of the people seem to be interested either in El Chaplin or Bridalveil Fall. Very few, you madly love with waterfalls or people what to explore to the fullest want to end up here. The Silver Strand is located in the westernmost part of the Yosemite. It comes from the basin near Badger Pass.

6. Ribbon Falls:


In North America, Ribbon falls the highest single-drop waterfall. The total height of the waterfall is about 1600 feet. This waterfall, in spite of being so high, does not get much attention. The bitter truth is that Ribbon Falls deserves more attention, not just because of the fall. There is a lot of natural beauty around it. The moment you set your eyes on the fall, you will fall in love with its breath-taking view. There is a lot of additional elements to this fall, but still not being recognized is a huge mystery.

7. Nevada Falls:


Nevada Fall is a fall that comparatively has less height. The total height of the fall is around 600 feet. There is continuous flow throughout the year because the water for the flow is from Merced River. As the water hits the rocks, it appears to be white. This is the reason why it got the Nevada Falls. Nevada means snow-covered in Spanish. The name that native Americans give is Yo-wy-we. The vintage point for this fall is also Glacier Point. Make sure to click a few pics. Even a normal one can fetch you more likes and shares.

8. Vernal Falls:


Vernal Falls is one of the falls that flows throughout the year. The peak of the flow is at the end of May. After that, the flow reduces, and it splits into two or three separate ones depending on the intensity of the flow. The fall can be accessed with a 320-foot hike. The hike itself is an adventure of its own. Vernal fall is actually is one of the falls that is very powerful in Yosemite. The hike might be a long when compared to other falls, but it is very easy.

Illiloette FallIlliloette Fall is one of the falls that beautiful. The height of the fall is around 370 feet. You will see this fall when you are on the way to Vernal Falls. The best view is from the Panorama Trail. The trip is about four miles, and if you are going through Panorama Point is 5.6 miles. There are a lot of impressive cascades and rock platforms on the way to the fall.